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    Akın Kağan Akçalı

    Zihin Haritası Derneği Başkanı
    Uluslararası Yetkili Zihin Haritası Eğitmeni
    TBLI ID: ASIA2020050001

    Akın Kağan Akçalı, who became a student at METU in 1993 when the first internet connection was established, started to work part-time in METU IT after graduating in 1995 and stepped into this sector. From 1996 to the end of 2020, he worked professionally for more than 23 years in the leading corporate companies of the IT sector. Including technical trainer, project manager, middle and senior management. There was a need for fast and permanent learning in order to keep the information up to date by following the new emerging technologies in the IT sector. At the same time, his quest to find effective project management tools to work efficiently and complete projects on time enabled him to meet with mind maps, an effective learning and thinking technique, in 2014.

    Mind Maps is an effective learning and thinking technique and also has many uses both in education life and in the professional world.

    The education at METU SEM started to be given under the name “Minds FORA, Let’s Learn to Learn with Mind Maps.” Thanks to the satisfaction of the participants, he was invited to METU DAS for 4 consecutive years as an expert on the subject. Minds FORA was one of the most attended seminars at METU DAS.

    In 2016, he received the training of the trainer from Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, and became one of the few authorized trainers in the world with the TBLI (Thinkbuzan Licensed Instructor) certificate. While continuing his professional business life, Zihinler continued to give FORA seminars as an “Authorized Instructor”.

    Engineers and managers were taught to work more effectively with mind maps with the Mind Maps in the Professional World training given at Havelsan Academy for 2 years. Reaching 11,000 people from 128 countries with English and Turkish training at UDEMY.

    He provided the development of Turkey’s First and Only Domestic/National Mind Mapping software “FORAMIND”, which was put into use as of 2021.

    In 2019, he established the Mind Maps Association of Turkey in order to introduce and disseminate the Mind Mapping Technique, to bring together those who are interested in this subject, and to implement many social responsibility projects. He is still the founding chairman.

    He will continue to work as the founder of Minds FORA Education, Software and Consulting Inc as of 2021.

    TBLI ASIA 2020