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    Business Partners

    Partners in Educational Ground

    Minds FORA is the Tony Buzan Authorized Training Center, Inventor of Mind Maps. It is authorized to issue international Tony Buzan Certificate valid all over the world.

    Turkey’s First and Pioneer Company in the Field of Distance Education, Enocta, provides Mind Maps Corporate Training with Zihinler FORA.

    Mind Maps User Trainings on Udemy are given by Zihinler FORA in both Turkish and English.

    Partners in Software Ground

    We are developing FORAMIND, Turkey’s First and Only Mind Mapping Software, with Kafein Teknoloji, which contributes to society and humanity with the technologies of the future.

    As Biggerplate’s Bronze Partner with thousands of free mind map samples and templates, we are promoting our FORAMIND software to the world.

    It is the official dealer in Turkey of AYOA, one of the leading software companies in the world market, especially with the solutions it has developed for Business Life.