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    Our Vision: Creating a “Learning Culture”

    Our Mission: Teaching everyone to “Think and Learn” with “Mind Maps”

    As members of the society, we are aware of the fact that we owe it to our family who gave birth to us and raised us with great efforts, to our state that made us who we are, to our teachers and university professors who have made great efforts on us.

    We owe it to all the people of the world who devotedly develop the comfortable life and opportunities we live in.

    We owe these beautiful blessings to the earth, nature and all other living things, which offer us all without expecting anything in return.

    It’s not possible for us to pay all of these debts in such short lives like ours. Yet our main goal is to strive for this and try to hand over the world to the next ones and next generations as a better place than the way we found it.

    The greatest motivation of our employees is that they know that they are doing a beneficial job for humanity.

    Trying to be a better version of yourself and a good person is possible by doing a useful job for the world we all live in.

    As it has been known (for ages), there are two powerful methods for a better world: Science and Education.

    We try to understand the world by using science. We try to make sense of life, ourselves and those around us.

    With education, we transfer the data we have obtained during all our efforts to make sense of it.

    Zihinler FORA operates in the field of Education and Educational Technologies.

    By developing Turkey’s First and Only Mind Mapping Software “For A Mind”, it broke new ground in its field/became the first to do so. Minds FORA is the address of Mind Maps in Turkey.