The famous strategist Peter Drucker defines the 21st century we are in as the “Age of Using Information”. What he means by using information is to take the information from the right source, process it and transform it into products and services that will meet the needs of people. People who use information well feed their brains with selected information and learn purposefully. They don’t become information obese by trying to absorb all the information.

That’s why one of the most important skills we need to acquire is learning to learn. Unfortunately, studying is not learning, as many people think. Likewise, learning is not limited to school life.

Let’s think about it this way, ¼ of our 80 years of life is school life and ¾ is school of life. While our success in school life is measured by responding to what is taught, our success in school is shaped by our response to what is not taught. Therefore, our ability to learn determines our success in life and our freedom to live the life we ​​want.

If we were to answer the question of what is learning in a simple way, let’s call the environment we live in as land and our minds as a map. We can call the process of updating the map, that is, harmonizing the map and the terrain, learning. If we accept that the terrain is constantly changing, and that the only constant in this life is change itself, we understand how essential this update is. Learning is the process of adapting to changing living conditions.