Mentally Literate

How we are familiar with the concepts of Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy and have an idea of ​​what they mean, similarly we should be familiar with the concept of Mental Literacy. I say we should be because it’s the 21st century. Since we call it “The Age of Using Information”. We say that we should produce the products and services we need by using the information. We are not even talking about ordinary and mediocre production. We are talking about producing in the most creative and innovative way, then we need well-educated and Mentally Literate individuals who will do all these things. Mental Literacy is to be able to use the skills of Learning, Thinking, Memory and Creativity. Unlocking the potential we have. It is to be able to use our brain holistically by involving both hemispheres of our brain.

If we can’t raise mentally literate individuals in the 21st century we live in, if we are not even aware of the existence of this concept, we will not be able to produce products or services that can bring us to the level of economic and development we deserve in the world. We can acquire and improve our Mental Literacy skills by using effective learning and thinking techniques such as Mind Maps.