Using Mind Maps When Composing

Students have a lot of topics to work on. Homeworks to be done, exams to be prepared and projects to be researched. In short, there is a lot of information that needs to be worked on.

Today, the main problem is not to reach the information, but to achieve the necessary information from the information stack. If we try to absorb all information like a sponge, we become Information Obesity. However, we have to access the information we need and achieve Purposeful Learning.

Working by breaking down information into manageable chunks will provide a greater advantage for both understanding and retention.

Foramind, as mind mapping software, helps us to structure and organize information. Thanks to this feature, we can use it in the planning phase while writing compositions and similar texts.

It is essential for good copywriting to have an effective structure. Good content alone is not enough.

We can easily create the structure of your text with the mind map you will create with Foramind. The mind map you have created will provide the framework for the text you will write, and in this way, it will make it easier and faster to write.

The structure of the Mind Map and the branches will show the structure and parts of the text you are going to write. When you start creating the mind map, place the image in the center that shows the main idea of ​​the article you will write. Show each part of your writing as a main branch emerging from the center. You can expand your mind map by adding linked sub-branches under the main branches. Include your keywords showing parts of your keywords in majors and subbranches. Now you are ready to open a new word file and write an article suitable for the structure you have created in the mind map. You can find sample mind map templates on this subject in the categories in Foramind.