Mind Maps in Professional Business World

The vast majority of us have gone through training systems designed to train human resources for the “Industrial Society”. The most important feature of these systems is to provide individuals with appropriate knowledge, skills and discipline for routine work, mainly in production facilities, factories. Due to the main raw materials required for production in industrial society are labor and materials, the education system designed accordingly fulfilled its task very well. However, we are in the 21st century.

The main raw material of the “Information Society” is “Knowledge”. According to the famous strategist Peter Drucker, “We are in the Age of Using Information”. Since we are in the age of using information and we are all “Knowledge Workers”, we must develop our information-processing minds in this direction and redesign our education system according to this new paradigm. Many steps are being taken in this direction for future generations. What about those in business right now? How can the old paradigm of company professionals be changed in this period when competitive and innovative businesses can only take place and survive in the market? It is precisely because of this need that receiving special training for techniques suitable for new market conditions and working styles and investing in employees, who are the most valuable assets of companies, gains vital importance.

The difference between companies shows itself with the investments it makes in its employees and technological infrastructure.

Since the point we have reached with what we have learned so far is clear, it is clear that we now need game-changing and different perspectives.

Mind Maps was known as an effective and brain-friendly note-taking technique in the 1970s, when it was introduced to world literature by Tony Buzan. The intervening years have turned this note-taking technique into an effective thinking and learning technique. When you work with mind maps that enable the brain to be used holistically and thus to reveal its true potential;

  • By working with “Keywords” you concentrate on the core of the subject.
  • You trigger your imagination and benefit from the power of visual memory by thinking with “Visuals”, the common language of humanity.
  • You see the whole picture on a single map and you have information about the whole subject.
  • Categories work in a hierarchical order, you learn by dividing and structuring all information.
  • “Renkleri” işin içine dahil ederek hem eğlenceli hem de renklerle mesajları kodlayan bir şekilde çalışmaya başlıyorsunuz.
  • By including “colors”, you start working in a fun way and in a way that encodes messages with colors.
  • You learn to convey all the thoughts in your mind within certain rules, but in an original and creative way, using a “Structural Working Method”.

By using all these advantages of the technique;

  • It is ensured that the employees understand the essence of the subject, write shorter and more understandable reports, and explain clearly in a shorter time.
  • Instead of boring, long texts full of difficult to understand presentations, convincing beautiful presentations are prepared with concise words and messages supported by visuals.
  • Instead of getting lost in the piles of documents and missing the main milestones of the operation or project, you will have a guide where you can follow all the important points on a single map and take the right actions at the right time.
  • In the age of big data, you learn to choose what is necessary, filter, learn and understand purposefully, instead of being overwhelmed by information piles or trying to absorb it all.

All these skills that develop when you work with Mind Maps turn you into someone who is more creative, knows how to learn and can make healthy decisions.

You do not only learn by structuring, but you can develop yourself with it.